April 2013: The Arab Spring

_1365789600_631An evening of films and discussions on the
continuing uprisings across the Arab world.

The Arab Spring: Sunday 7th April 2013 . 6.40pm for 7pm to 10pm

@ OARCEast Oxford Community Centre £3 (£2)

Not only will we show two award-winning documentaries, the inspiring and intimate Zero Silence and the powerful and stunning Shouting In The Dark, but we will finish with a selection of short films bringing things up-to-date and showing where these movements are today.

As we’re showing two films, the night starts at 7pm sharp, with doors opening at about 6.40pm, and the schedule for the night is:

  • 7:00pm: Zero Silence
  • 8:00pm: —interval—
  • 8:10pm: Shouting In The Dark
  • 9:00pm: Short films – the Arab Spring lives on
  • 9:30pm: Discussion
  • 10:00pm: End

Zero Silence

A film about the revolt of a young generation for whom silence is no longer an option.

Shot in Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, Zero Silence follows Lilia Weslaty, Wael Abbas, Hossam El-Hamalawy, Rebecca Saade and several other activists in their struggles against authoritarian regimes. The Arab world is experiencing a wave of unprecedented popular uprisings and street demonstrations against poverty, corruption, lack of freedoms, and unemployment. We think the Internet is playing an important role in the events that are currently unfolding in the region. However, while these digital media tools have been helpful, it is the power of the young people that will bring about change. The characters in our film show that courage is contagious.

Watch: TrailerTeasers and snippets.

Bahrain: Shouting In The Dark

A mesmerizing and tragic documentary about the story of the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world.

February 2011, and the Arab Spring is in full swing. International TV cameras are lapping up events in Cairo and Tunis, celebrating the overthrow of one despotic regime after another. But out of sight, in Bahrain, another uprising is underway. Foreign journalists are banned from this island kingdom, but one undercover TV crew remained…

Watch: Trailer and interview: – Full film (warning, bit of a spoiler!)