October 2015: Europe or Die

2015-OctoberStarting back on Sunday 4th October with a new season for 2015 we’ve organised an evening of documentaries and debate around the current migrant crisis engulfing the European Union. We have two guest speakers (to be confirmed) coming as well as the VICE News Documentary Europe or Die (whih comprises of five separate films).

For this event we’ll be occupying the Bar Area of East Oxford Community Centre (where the Catweazel Club is normally held) and opening the doors at 6.30PM to start at 7PM sharp and finishing the evening at 10PM.

Recommended donation for the night is £5 for those of you who can afford it, £3 for concessions, or whatever you can afford to give (we’d rather you came than stayed away because you couldn’t afford it).

Help promote the night by downloading and printing our flyer/poster and displaying it in your window, your college, your workplace or your favourite local shop or café. See you there.

May 2013: Into The Fire

BHQz1nLCIAEc3JyInto The Fire: A file about refugees and migrants in Athens, the financial crisis, and the Golden Dawn…

We’re pleased to be being joined by some of the film makers for the Oxford Premier of documentary Into The Fire with discussion and Q&A afterwards.  Before the screening they will be presentations of a number of projects: Network23 (who kindly host our blog), HacktionLab, BarnCamp and the new OxCred mutual credit scheme.

Sunday 5th May.  7pm doors for 7.30pm.  10pm close. East Oxford Community Centre.  Bar.  £5/£3

Into the Fire is a crowd-sourced investigative documentary looking at the situation of refugees and migrants in Greece, in the face of severe austerity measures and rising racism. Refugees flee their home countries on the search for safety. Due to it’s land border with Turkey, Greece is one of the main entry gates into Europe, but European legislation prevents them from moving on to other European countries.

Without housing, legal papers or support, they are faced with increasing and often violent racism. Attacks do not only target refugees, but any foreigner, including immigrants who have been in Greece for years. In spite of incendiary propaganda by the extreme right party Golden Dawn and a surge of murderous attacks, state and police seem unwilling to address the issue. Allegations of police sympathising with Golden Dawn are an open secret. The refugees address their plea for help to Greece and all of Europe: “Let us leave!”

Into the Fire is also an experiment in crowd-sourcing distribution and the film will be released on simultaneously on various websites and platforms around the Internet, including this one, on 21st April 2013.

Into The Fire Trailer and Into the Fire full film.


April 2013: The Arab Spring

_1365789600_631An evening of films and discussions on the
continuing uprisings across the Arab world.

The Arab Spring: Sunday 7th April 2013 . 6.40pm for 7pm to 10pm

@ OARCEast Oxford Community Centre £3 (£2)

Not only will we show two award-winning documentaries, the inspiring and intimate Zero Silence and the powerful and stunning Shouting In The Dark, but we will finish with a selection of short films bringing things up-to-date and showing where these movements are today.

As we’re showing two films, the night starts at 7pm sharp, with doors opening at about 6.40pm, and the schedule for the night is:

  • 7:00pm: Zero Silence
  • 8:00pm: —interval—
  • 8:10pm: Shouting In The Dark
  • 9:00pm: Short films – the Arab Spring lives on
  • 9:30pm: Discussion
  • 10:00pm: End

Zero Silence

A film about the revolt of a young generation for whom silence is no longer an option.

Shot in Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, Zero Silence follows Lilia Weslaty, Wael Abbas, Hossam El-Hamalawy, Rebecca Saade and several other activists in their struggles against authoritarian regimes. The Arab world is experiencing a wave of unprecedented popular uprisings and street demonstrations against poverty, corruption, lack of freedoms, and unemployment. We think the Internet is playing an important role in the events that are currently unfolding in the region. However, while these digital media tools have been helpful, it is the power of the young people that will bring about change. The characters in our film show that courage is contagious.

Watch: TrailerTeasers and snippets.

Bahrain: Shouting In The Dark

A mesmerizing and tragic documentary about the story of the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world.

February 2011, and the Arab Spring is in full swing. International TV cameras are lapping up events in Cairo and Tunis, celebrating the overthrow of one despotic regime after another. But out of sight, in Bahrain, another uprising is underway. Foreign journalists are banned from this island kingdom, but one undercover TV crew remained…

Watch: Trailer and interview: – Full film (warning, bit of a spoiler!)


November 2012: Reel News special

Sunday 4th November 2012 brings us…

Reel News show reel – Remember Afghanistan and other films

(note change of film from previously announced*)

Doors 7pm . Feature 7.30pm . 10pm Close

OARC, East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Rd, OX4 1DD

£5/£3 recommended donation (or whatever you can afford)

Replacing Even the Rain*, we’re pleased to be showing the latest reel of citizen journalism news from around the world from Reel News.  The films we’ll be showing are:

15 Million Afghans – The harsh economic reality of everyday life in Kabul, and the people’s growing anger at its government and their western sponsors.

When NATO came to town – Soldiers renounce the war on terror and throw their medals back at the NATO summit protests in Chicago.

United by Love – Divided by Teresa May -Home Office protest over new restrictions on family members of British citizens entering the country.

Making Ends Meet– Barcelona: new models of organising and protesting against the politics of austerity

Asturian Miners strike – Faced with thousands of job losses, the miners in Spain go on strike using the most militant tactics seen so far in the struggle against austerity.

Miners march to Madrid – The miners march for 18 days from Asturias, to be greeted by thousands of supporters in Madrid.

Doors open at 7PM and as usual we’ll be showing a selection of citizen journalist film shorts hopefully reporting from the streets about the financial crisis in Europe until 7.30pm.

Main Reel News showing starts at 7.30PM sharp after which we shall table a discussion on the various themes raised in the films.

Evening finishes at 10PM latest, at which juncture we may ajourn to a local ale house for continued discussion and refreshment.

Do help us to promote the monthly screenings, let people know about this web site and more imporantly tell them to come along!  Download the poster and stick it in your window.

 * we were originally planning to show Even the Rain.  We were contacted by the distributors, Dogwoof, who pointed out to us that a screening licence for the film would be £100.  As a small non-profit project we are unable to cover the costs as we only take donations on the night to go towards the running of the OARC community space.  Therefore we had to decline and show something else, meaning that Even the Rain doesn’t get seen.  You can buy it for the normal channels of course.

April 2012: Breaking the Fences

April 1st 2012 7-10PM East Oxford Community Centre £3 suggested donation.

Short films on freedom of movement, migration controls, and resistance.
A fundraiser to support action against deportation.

Doors open at 7pm and we’ll start by showing an array of 3-minute interviews with people involved in the “Arab Spring” uprisings and
movements – a preview of a future screening on the subject.

Our main feature (7:30pm-9:30pm, incl. interval) is an inspiring and
action-packed selection of short films focusing on the border regimes of
Fortress Europe and the movements challenging them.

We’ll end with an opportunity for open discussion, and wrap up around 10pm.

Proceeds from the night will be split between:
Oxford Action Resource Centre:
…providing space and resources for grassroots local activism
and Stop Deportation Network:
…taking direct action to stop deportations.
If you can’t come to the screening but would like to make a donation to
support action against deportation, find out more, or get involved, email

OARC, East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, Oxford, OX4 1DD

Donations £3 (though nobody refused for lack of money).

Help us promote the night – email a link to this page to your friends – and display it in your place of work or play.

November 2011: All Power to the People

On Sunday 6th November starting at 7.30pm, we present All Power to the People, the story of the Black Panthers, a prominent group in the Black Power movement: their origins, their grassroots community work, their willingness to confront police brutality and racism, and the extreme tactics used by the government to crush them.

Doors open at 7pm, film starts promptly at 7.30pm followed by discussion.  The evening ends at just before 10pm, where we may ajourn to a local ale house for continued discussion and refreshment.

OARC, East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, Oxford, OX4 1DD

Donations £3 (nobody refused for lack of money).


October 2011: H2Oil

On Sunday 2nd October starting at 7.30pm, in association with the UK Tar Sands Network, we present the documentary film H2Oil

Welcome to the largest industrial site in human history. Covering an area larger than England, Canada’s tar sands mean the country is second only to Saudi Arabia in oil deposits.

As Canada rushes towards a largescale extraction, the social, ecological and human impacts are hitting a crisis point. In only a few short years the continent will be a crisscross of pipelines, reaching from the Arctic all the way to the southern US, leaving toxic water basins the size of Lake Ontario, and surface-mines as large as Florida.

With hope and courage H2Oil tells the story of one of the most significant, and destructive projects of our time.

We will be pleased to have Emily Coats from the UK Tar Sands Network to come and present H2Oil and host a discussion on this most destructive of projects.  Emily Coats works as a campaign assistant with the UK Tar Sands Network. Emily’s most recent project was the innovative ‘BP White Swan’, an interventionist piece of classical ballet based on Swan Lake, which interrupted a BP-sponsored event to challenge the company’s involvement in the tar sands.

Doors open at 7pm, film starts promptly at 7.30pm followed by discussion.  The evening ends at just before 10pm, where we may ajourn to a local ale house for continued discussion and refreshment.

OARC, East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, Oxford, OX4 1DD

Donations £3 (nobody refused for lack of money).

Please help promote this film by downloading the poster and displaying it wherever you can.