June 2013: Farenheit 451

f451Sunday 2nd June 2013
East Oxford Community Centre

Doors 7pm
Main feature 7.30pm
Close 10pm


Join us on Sunday 2nd to watch François Truffaut’s film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s distopian novel in which books are banned and the fire brigade starts fires rather than puts them out.

Starring Julie Christie, Oskar Werner and Cyril Cusack, Farenheit 451 looks at topics including resistance to conformity and the use of mass media and technology to control individuals, influencing society and suppressing individualism.  Farenheit 451 was published in 1953 and the film adaptation is from 1996, but the themes tackled and the questions raised are perhaps even more prevalent today than they were 60 years ago as through technology it’s now more possible to monitor citizens and control what they read and ultimately what they think.

We’ll be showing some short films from citizen journalists around the world from 7pm.  Main film starts at 7.30pm, discussion of topics raised in the film afterwards and a strict 10pm finish, adjourning to The Star in Rectory Road for a refreshing beverage and further discussions afterwards.