March 2014: Czech Dream

czech-dream cover

Two Czech media students hire an advertising agency to launch a huge campaign for a new hypermarket called “Czech Dream”. The only thing is that the hypermarket does not exist.

Czech dream follows the students through the world of carefully-crafted advertising hype as they try to create a media spectacle and open their entirely fictitious hypermarket near Prague just before the Czech Republic joins the EU.

Ken Fox writes of the film:

Whether you decide that this project is a brilliant hoax that exposes how the rapid transition from communism to a free-market economy has created an ad-addicted, consumer-mad culture in the Czech Republic, or that it’s simply a cruel joke, one thing is undeniable: It’s a fascinating account, formulated and filmed by a pair of young Czech media students, of the way advertising and consumer manipulation can create a market for anything at all, even something that doesn’t exist.

Doors 19:00, film starts 19:15. See you there!