January 2014: Winstanley

winstanley: film posterWhat better way to recover from yuletide revelry than an evening at OARC watching our January film: Winstanley, which we’ll be showing at 7pm on Sunday, 5 January 2014.

It tells the story of the seventeenth century digger, Gerarrd Winstanley, who inspired perhaps one of the first (documented) land squats in the world, at Georges Hill in Surrey. The Diggers were radical levellers, who believed that the Earth was made a common treasury for all. You can read a fuller account of Winstanley’s life on diggers.org

The film, made in 1976, follows the Digger settlement telling the story of it’s struggle with the local landlords. It’s beautfully filmed in black and white.

Doors 19:00, film starts 19:15. See you there!