Films for Autumn 2012

We’re taking a break in August and September for our summer holiday, but not before we’ve shown the excellent documentary Catfish on 1st July, so Do join us for that.

We’ll be back on Sunday 7th October to show in our first film of our late summer / autumn season, Josh Fox’s excellent Gasland.  More info on this soon.

We’re always looking for indepedent, grass-roots or cult films to show at OARC and the Community Centre, so if you’ve got an idea for us, let us know.  We’re especially looking for those of you who are up for coming and presenting a film and helping to chair a debate afterwards, but it’s not essential, so don’t let that be a berrier to letting us have your ideas.  You can email us at oarcfilms at ox4 dot org, or you can simply post a comment to this article.

All the best, and see you in July, then again in October, and have a great summer in the meantime!

OARC Films.